About Us

About Us
Blue Earth Aquariums began with a passion for our underwater world.  This passion soon became a hobby and in 1992 we purchased our first 10 gallon aquarium.  Today, 20 years and many tanks later, we are proud to say that we have turned our little hobby into a thriving aquarium service company and a state of the art aquaculture facility.  I can honestly say that we are fulfilling our dreams when we are afforded the opportunity to introduce people to this exciting hobby.  Over the years we have felt honored to be able to lend our expertise to our clients and friends and it brings us joy to see their aquariums flourish. We’ve worked tirelessly to become Palm Beach County’s premiere coral and aquarium supplier through our dedication to quality service and commitment to customer service.
Our Philosophy and Practices
At Blue Earth Aquariums we are committed to giving our clients a living masterpiece that they can enjoy for years to come.  Like a painter, we create a sea of living art using the awe inspiring colors and textures found only in the earth’s oceans and lakes.  With these natural tools we can create a truly stunning aquarium that will beautify any room it dwells in.


We believe that it is our responsibility to create these aquariums while impacting the natural world as little as possible.  So when we import the rarest and most exotic marine life from remote ecosystems all around the globe we then aquaculture those specimens here in our coral and fish nursery whenever possible.  All specimens are quarantined, treated if necessary, and then transferred to our growing tanks for culture.  When the time is right, we then hand select these premium corals and fish for sale. This exclusive selection process allows us to provide our clients with only the healthiest specimens for their marine ecosystem.  And since many of our corals are aquacultured they have already proven that they survive well in captivity which means a high success rate in your aquarium.  We believe that these philosophies and practices help us to give our customers the very best in quality marine life, aquarium design and installation, and service.


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